“Content is king”.  Chances are you’ve heard this quote by Bill Gates once or twice before but are you taking it to heart? Great content is an essential part of your inbound marketing strategy, especially when it comes to your website, blog and social media efforts.  Your audience is hungry for great so feed it to them!

Website and Blog

Is my website content relevant and current?
Visitors to a website want valuable information that answers their questions and does it quickly. They need content that is relevant to your company and services. Take the time to review your website every 6 months for improvement. Have you added new services or products? Do you have statistics listed that are more than 5 years old? Could you explain a process more clearly? Update your content to reflect those changes.

Blogging is an incredibly effective tool so use don’t let it go to waste. Review your old blog posts.  Are you still following your original strategy? If not, get back on track!  Go back and refresh some of your old posts with new statistics and the latest information.  Updating your existing content can build trust with your visitors and help establish you as a thought leader.

Is my content short and organized?
Your website and blog aren’t supposed to be encyclopedias so try not to treat them like one. Well written, focused and valid information has much more appeal than wordy, drawn out explanations. Organize website content so that your visitors can easily find what they need. Leave it unorganized and they may move on to another site that is less complex.

When writing your blog, take the time to link older, relevant posts. This increases engagement, interaction and can help your SEO efforts. Visitors will be much more likely to continue reading if they can easily find posts on the topic they enjoy most.

Social Media

Am I telling my story?
Using social media is one of the best opportunities you have to connect with your audience.   People want to be entertained and get the inside look at what makes your company different, what makes it run and the people who work there.  Be funny, surprising, and encouraging. Use it to share your experiences, thoughts and especially your blog posts. You have a unique story to tell…so share it with everyone!

Most importantly!

Am I speaking to my target audience?
As a business owner, you know and understand your target audience so deliver content the way you know they want to hear it. Treat your content like a conversation and engage your visitors in terms and formats they can relate to.  A white paper might be more appropriate for one type of visitor where a video may be better for another.  On social media sites you may find that posting pictures gets more engagement so do what you can to share through that format without bombarding. Figuring out what type of content will speak best to your audience may take time but it will be worth it.

Creating content that is valuable and relatable does take time and thought but it’s not impossible. Constantly monitor and evaluate, focus your information and engage your audience!

Audiences are hungry for great content...so feed it to them!