When Douglas Murphy first inquired about our services for a project he was working on, we were immediately intrigued. His booming voice and unconventional vernacular were enough to catch our attention, but then he explained that he had invented a board game and needed our help in providing a branded design for the box and board. Invented a board game? Do people actually do that? Of course we were interested!

Upon meeting Doug, he explained that he had retired due to various medical and physical maladies including the somewhat-recent and early diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. He knew that through the years his health would deteriorate and that he would rely on his wife for much of his care. So, he invented Word Addiction, a board game that would hopefully allow his wife to retire as well, before the effects of the disease became more pronounced.

Developing Parkinson’s disease would be a tough obstacle for some, but Doug has used his diagnosis to help others dealing with the same disease. We were so inspired by his life, passion, and love for people that we asked him if we could share his story. We hope that it lifts your spirits and helps you push past the limitations that others set for you or that you set for yourself. Accept the challenges that you face with a “How?”, not a “Why?” attitude.

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and look forward to seeing Word Addiction skyrocket in popularity.

A Heart for Parkinson’s Disease
Inspirational story by Douglas E. Murphy (May 27, 2013; revised May 17, 2014)

Dr. Samuel Newman entered the room after a phone consultation with a pediatric specialist in New York.  “The diagnosis is rheumatic fever,” he said to my waiting parents.  At the age of six, I began the journey of overcoming physical problems through faith, determination, and a desire to conquer. I am now sixty-nine and although I have
Parkinson’s disease as well as rheumatic heart disease, my cup remains half full. 

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