Email marketing is an incredibly powerful instrument to have in your inbound marketing tool bag. It can help create opportunities beyond your website and social media efforts.  So how do you build your email database? Here are 5 simple ways.

Implement landing pages on your website. Use a landing page form to help gather lead information in exchange for valuable information such as a downloadable ebook or white paper. Be sure to put the forms throughout your site so that they are easily seen and utilized. Not all offerings, however, have to be in the form of an ebook or white paper.  Focus on your business and it’s strengths. Do you own a sewing shop? Create a guide on how to sew a popular item and offer it for free download.   Tip: Keep forms short and easy to fill out. Never use over 10 questions, in fact, use less if possible.

Host a webinar.  Are you a thought leader in your industry? Host a webinar and require email addresses for registration. Then tailor your next email blast to the topics covered in the webinar.

Gather at purchase points.  Have you noticed how the vast majority of retail outlets now ask for your email address at check out? Take note from their actions and implement for your particular business. Not only does this method help gather email addresses from current customers but it keeps them updated in your system.

Add a call to action tab on Facebook.  Your Facebook followers are already engaged with you so why not introduce a way for them to obtain more information? Add a call to action tab for email signups on your Facebook page and promote it on your page.

Promote an online giveaway. Everyone loves freebies! Those who register for your contest may not win but your continued lead nurturing will help keep your business top-of-mind. When planning your giveaway be sure to choose your prize well – Don’t offer a free iPad if it has nothing to do with your business because those who are interested in an iPad may not be your target audience.

These are just a handful of ways to increase your email database. The key? Utilize as many different avenues of list-building as possible.

Have any other list-building techniques? Let us know in the comment section.