Inbound and Content Marketing


Today, how you sell is just as important as what you sell.

Inbound and content marketing are not just the “next big thing.” They are fundamental keys to success and necessary for an excellent marketing strategy in this digital age.

Whether you are a digital media revolution guru or too overwhelmed with its rapidly changing characteristics to keep up, The Awen Group can help. We provide content marketing, brand strategy development and other marketing services to not only position your business for this dynamic shift, but propel it to the next level. From innovative and comprehensive solutions, to inspiration, strategy and execution, we can help you build brand awareness, increase ROI and position your company as a leader in your industry.

The C.O.P.E. method is to “create onCOPEe, publish everywhere,” which is the foundation of inbound marketing and content services. The goal is to take one unique piece of information, develop it into a variety of formats (ie: PDF, mobile, text, video, web) and publish it across multiple channels (ie: blogs, websites, social media). Once that information is distributed, various tools help measure and quantify the results of your outreach. Here are several inbound and content marketing services The Awen Group offers to garner the best results for your brand.


It is imperative for all content in a marketing campaign to be clear, concise, and compelling. Call it the “Three C’s” of communication. Creating content goes beyond regular posts to your Facebook page or an occasional update to your website. By understanding your values, mission and goals, The Awen Group will help you create a strategic plan to publish current, interactive and relational content that your audience demands.







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Website Design (Dynamic and Responsive)

Your website is often the first place a consumer will go to learn more about your company making it, perhaps, the most critical element of your marketing campaign. Our purpose as inbound marketers is to create unique and diverse ways to drive people to your website and keep them there longer. The Awen Group can build for you a dynamic and responsive website that is engaging, easy to navigate, visually fluent with your marketing campaign and functional across various devices (ie: smart phones and tablets).


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has transitioned from simply filling your website with links, title tags, key words and paid advertisements, to organically featuring your website at the top of search engines queries. The Awen Group can help your business achieve higher online rankings by publishing timely, relevant and compelling content on a regular basis. Effective SEO is the best way to generate leads and thus, very valuable to your business.

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Email Marketing

The Awen Group can help your company establish its email marketing presence through customized templates, content creation or total management of your email marketing campaign.

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Body Bands – Landing Page, Premium Content, Blogs & Social Media

Premium Content Offers (White papers, ebooks, etc.)

Your audience will view you as an important resource when you provide them with a free, downloadable ebook, white paper or other special offer.  Premium content offers also enhance organic SEO and create additional leads for your business.  The Awen Group will create a resource that entices visitors to learn more about your business while providing you with valuable consumer data in return.

Landing Page

Landing pages are often referred to as “call to action” web pages that people are directed to through online ads, blogs and social media.  Let The Awen Group create a landing page that immediately captures your visitors’ attention and motivates them to take action and results in quality, measurable leads for your business.


Having a company blog is a great way to provide dynamic content that enhances SEO, drives people to your website and other social media outlets.  Blogging allows you to connect with your audience in a more relational way, giving them insights and the latest tips about your company, product and/or industry.  The Awen Group will create and manage a blog for you, helping to position your company as thought leaders and trusted experts.

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Social Media

Can you pitch your brand in 140 characters or less?  Can you do it everyday or multiple times a day?  Do you find it difficult to keep up with the demands of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the mass collection of other outlets?  Now, not only is it important to keep these outlets updated, it is incredibly critical to do so with effective, meaningful content.  It is the content that drives consumers to action, and The Awen Group will create compelling content and manage its implementation across all your social media platforms.

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Lead Generation

Having a lead is more than just having someone’s email address. Leads are people interested in your company. Lead generation is now easier through the use of sophisticated SEO and social media tools. By combining inbound and content marketing tactics, The Awen Group will garner for you authentic leads from customers who truly want to learn more about your business.

Marketing Analytics

The Awen Group can track and measure the results from all the inbound and content marketing methods used in your campaigns through analytics. Analytics help you understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, not just your website efforts. Depending on what inbound marketing methods you are using, analytics can help you see which is the most effective. These results are then funneled into our marketing development process and your campaigns are tweaked as needed.

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