Our Story

Our story begins with passion.  It is who we are.  Without passion, you fade away into the collection of indistinguishable agencies without unique vision and value.  It is the driving force of who The Awen Group is as a team and as individuals.  This force pushes and motivates us to reach higher and go farther to make our clients shine like the stars they are.  

“Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.” Carl Bard

Meet The Awen Group: your dedicated team of passionate, one-on-one marketing, advertising, branding and design experts with many years of experience in this ever-changing communications industry. From the greater Charlotte region to Shelby and Western North Carolina, our full-service, regional marketing and advertising agency works with a variety of business sizes, models and industries to inspire both you and your audiences.

From developing an inbound and content marketing strategy, to creating dynamic graphic design pieces for use across a variety of media platforms, we combine talent, expertise and technology to help you go beyond just selling a product or service to your customers. Relationships are key to today’s consumers, and we can help you build long, lasting communication with audiences who love and feel loyally connected to your brand.

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Digitally confused?

The world of communication has grown and evolved exponentially, and yet, has turned the globe into a much smaller place.  Social media has made “word-of-mouth” marketing a science.  Once simple search engine optimization has been retooled and enhanced with savvy inbound marketing tactics.  The list goes on.

From being able to pitch your brand in 140 words or less, to print and online ad placements there are a multitude of decisions to make about your marketing campaigns, and determining the perfect formula may seem daunting.  That’s where we come in.  We are here to position you as the thought leaders and experts of your industry. Contact us today to assess your digital needs.

We Listen

In order to share you story, we need to know your story, understand and experience it. What are you goals?  What are your challenges?  What is working and what isn’t?  Through in-depth, in-person conversations, we will absorb all that we can about your business and create materials and messages that allow your passion to penetrate and become your audience’s passion.  Together, we will problem solve to develop solid marketing strategies and messages that trigger positive, memorable responses from your clients and customers. Click here to begin your process toward content marketing.

Our Experience

With years of marketing, branding, advertising and design experience, our team at The Awen Group has sat at the forefront of the communications industry.  From traditional marketing methods to the current digital revolution of inbound and content marketing, we have actively participated in the marketing industry’s evolution.

Visit our Portfolio page to see examples of how our distinct development process incorporates traditional marketing methods with state-of-the-art practices of this digital age.  We don’t just strive to meet your expectations.  We exceed them.

Our Value to You

We are happy when you are happy.  Bottom line.  There is no greater joy as a marketing professional than to see your client light up at the brilliance of a campaign theme or website design.  Our expertise in this industry enables you to maintain focus on the nuts and bolts of your business while leaving the ever-changing communications field to us.  By fully understanding your goals, vision and values, The Awen Group becomes a valuable part of your team through the development, implementation and management of your marketing strategies. Contact Us Today!


Social media and content marketing have allowed you to build strong long-lasting relationships with your audiences.  These relationships drive decisions that have an impact on your brand.  It is our goal to ensure that communication between all parties is authentic, meaningful and consistent.  We are here to serve you and your consumers to make your brand stand apart from its competition. Visit our Team page to learn more about the exceptional talent behind The Awen Group.