Our Team

Amy Camper

Amy Camper, co-founder and creative director of The Awen Group, is an exception to the rule. Always brewing with innovative ideas and designs, Amy has become a refined, and industry- trained creative force. A native of Rutherford County, NC, Amy is a master of creativity and has cutting-edge talent.

After realizing insurance sales was not her path, Amy’s career really began on the media end of marketing where she spent 10 years working for two daily publications working in inside sales and design. The next 10 years, Amy served as partner of a marketing group in Shelby, N.C.

With an unyielding interest in new product innovation, Amy stays current with the latest design and marketing industry trends and techniques. When she’s not scanning the digital world for updates, or spending time with her husband Jamie, and daughter Savannah, Amy enjoys reading, history, and has a heart for folk and bluegrass music. Oh, and naps. Naps are great, too.

Cindy Cook

At the Awen Group, Cindy Cook manages business development and marketing strategy for the team and its clients. Her unorthodox-marketing mindset pushes thinking beyond conventional norms to give clients the best exposure for their brands. Cindy’s visionary leadership derives from her unyielding passion to stay one step ahead of an ever-changing marketing industry. Cindy’s career spans 20 years as a corporate director of marketing for two organizations and four years as a business development director in an agency before working with The Awen Group in 2008. This Missouri transplant attended the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and now cradles her Smartphone in Charlotte. Cindy loves to travel, and her favorite ways to decompress – here or there – include reading and wine tasting. A true giver at heart, Cindy borrows her mantra from Churchill who said, we make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.

Dana White

Shelby, N.C. native Dana White wears many hats for The Awen Group. From new business development to monitoring project workflow, Dana’s penchant for productivity keeps this creative group moving forward, always one step ahead of the game. Dana attended Gaston College and spent the next 10 years as an art director for a publishing company whose clientele included a national publication. Then, she transitioned into the agency world for a 10-year stretch as a production manager. Dana finds inspiration from the passionate, driven and dedicated team she is honored to work with, and the rapidness with which the marketing industry changes. Dana enjoys spending time with her grown children Caitlin and Alex, and her precious granddaughter. Otherwise, you can find her beachside as she balances out the intense demands of the marketing industry with her life-long love for all things coastal.

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